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Trapped -- A mini-vignette

OOC: Just a little something something to get T'ab back into motion. Oh and that last quote is a Van Wilder quote.

'AUUUGGGGHHHHH!' -- T'abCollapse )


Surf's Up Brah!

<< The waves is wicked awesome today, brah. Surf's up! >> Throughout Ista Tyroth sends an image of the most perfect surf, on a special beach that most never knew existed. Of course the message was then carried on to anyone within some sort of familiarity of the pair (or not at all). It is a surf party! And dragons at Ista are taking anyone interested there. Want to come RP having lots of fun surfing, sunbathing, or just checking out the dudes and dudettes shredding it up? Come on down! Anyone is welcome (just pretend somehow to managed to snag a ride)! '@go Ista Weyr' then 'Down' to the TP Room!
  -- entered by T'ab on 2011-01-17 16:33 MOO Time.
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Tyroth captures Aiyana


In need of a friend

That's it. That must be the only solution to this problem. No more sex. No casual encounters. No more visiting my regular partners. None. It won't be permanent, but I think that it will definitely help me figure things out. Hopefully my friends will understand.

'Do you think it might do you good to swear off sex for a while?' -- TillaCollapse )


Ruh roh pt 2.


Ruh roh.